Sun Door and Trim

Single Source Subcontracting

Sun Door and Trim, Inc. boasts a single source solution approach, offering superior cost and quality control through clear and consistent communication.

All too frequently we hear stories from our clients claiming they can save money by hiring a material subcontractor and a labor subcontractor separately. Often, the contractors have trouble working together to complete your project, only to leave you in a web of confusion and dollars short.

Many of our clients overlook including provisions for stocking of materials, and the common plague of missing material and everyone throwing their hands up saying “not me”, and common issues with incorrect materials that just don’t work. Sun Door and Trim’s ability to perform a number of contract services under one roof ensures that the little issues are never forgotten.

It is our philosophy that when you come to Sun Door and Trim, you come for a complete package.

When you contract Sun Door and Trim, you are contracting an established company that understands what our value is to you. We understand the age-old battle between what works on paper and what works in real life. Our dedicated staff has over 100 years of experience and knows how to achieve your desired results.

Sun Door and Trim's Project Management Approach

Budget & Planning – Sun Door and Trim can help with budget numbers on upcoming projects. We can also help forecast issues with specifications and hardware sets. In addition, we will assist you developing a building standard that works for you, the architect and your client.

Budget & Planning Estimating Submittals & Engineering Purchasing & Procurement Material Coordination Installation Coordination Project Closeout Long-Term Support Quality Assurance & Control

Estimating – Allow Sun Door and Trim to estimate your project. Our team of well-qualified estimators helps to identify problems or conflicts on drawings, and we can offer value-engineering options.