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SDI Technical Documents

The Steel Door Institute is a voluntary, unincorporated, non-profit business association formed to promote the use of steel doors and frames in the construction industry. Since 1954 the Steel Door Institute has published Technical Documents and ANSI Standards to aid architects and specifiers in the selection, care and use of steel doors and frames. Those documents are linked here for our customers.

Recommended Standard Door Type Nomenclature
This document contains standard door type nomenclature ranging from flush (Type F) to Dutch doors (Type D). The use of the standard nomenclature contained in the document will greatly simplify architectural drawing takeoff process and will do much to avoid confusion and errors which result from misinterpretation of these details.

Recommended Selection and Usage Guide for Standard Steel Doors
This document was developed to establish guide criteria for the selection and usage of 1-3/4″ and 1-3/8″ standard steel doors in such building types as apartment, dormitory, hotel/motel, hospital/nursing home, industrial, office and school.

Hardware for Standard Steel Doors and Frames 
This document contains a listing of hardware from various hardware manufacturers that is compatible for use on standard steel doors and frames. It covers various types of locks, exit devices, closers, holders, hinges, roller latches, flush bolts, and electric strikes.

Standard Steel Doors and Frames for Modular Masonry Construction 
This document contains information in respect to, as the title indicates, the installation of standard steel doors and frames in modular masonry construction. The basic module covered in the document as developed by the industry is 4″.

Recommended Selection & Usage Guide for Standard Steel Doors, Frames and Accessories  
Topics include:

  • Recommended Standard Steel Door Details
  • Recommended Standard Details for Dutch Doors
  • Recommended Louver Details for Standard Steel Doors
  • Recommended Door, Frame and Hardware Schedule for Standard Steel Doors and Frames
  • Recommended Weatherstriping for Standard Steel Doors and Frames
  • Recommended Existing Wall Anchors for Standard Steel Doors and Frames
  • Recommended Standard Preparation for Double Type (Interconnected) Locks on Standard Steel Doors and Frames
  • High Frequency Hinge Preparations for Frames

Zinc-Coated (Galvanized/Galvannealed) Standard Steel Doors and Frames 
This document provides information regarding the galvanized sheet used in standard steel door and frame construction when a requirement for galvanized doors and frames is specified.

Standard Practice for Determining the Steady State Thermal Transmittance of Steel Door and Frame Assemblies 
This document establishes a minimum standard and a method of test for thermal effectiveness of steel door and frame assemblies under circumstances that might reasonably be considered normal field applications and conditions.

Manufacturing Tolerances Standard Steel Doors and Frames
This document is intended to furnish users and prospective users of standard steel doors and frames with practical information regarding mortise and manufacturing tolerances for both doors and frames.

Basic Fire Door Requirements
This document contains rules and other information in a condense simplified manner in respect to code requirements for the design and use of fire doors.

Installation and Troubleshooting Guide for Standard Steel Doors and Frames
This document covers field installation problems most commonly experienced with standard steel door and frame installations. Most problems encountered are because of inappropriate application of the products and/or improper installation.

Maintenance of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
This document is intended to serve as a general outline of maintenance activities needed for hollow metal doors and frames. It should be noted that the door and frame are virtually maintenance free. Maintenance will be, for the most part, associated with accessories and hardware attached to the door and frame.

Series – Industry Alerts (A through H)
Topics include:

  • End Closure
  • Door Edge Cutouts
  • Frame Cutout Limits
  • Electric Strikes in Stud Walls
  • Prime Painted Materials Alert
  • Butted Frames Rough Opening Sizes
  • Environmental Considerations Relating to Factory Painted Steel Doors and Frames
  • Water Penetration
  • Grouting Frames in Drywall
  • Bituminous Back-Coating of Frames

Guidelines for Acoustical Performance of Standard Steel Doors and Frames
This document shall provide guidelines for the specifying, designing, installing, and adjusting of standard steel doors and frames in Sound Control applications.

Hinge and Strike Spacing
A reference of standard locations used in the manufacture of steel door and frames by SDI member companies for a variety of door sizes.

Electrified Hinge Preparations
Practical information regarding an acceptable method for preparing frames for 4-1/2″ electric hinges. This document will allow frame manufacturers to provide frames prior to having knowledge of the specific electric hinge being used.

Accelerated Physical Endurance Test Procedure for Steel Doors, Frames and Frame Anchors
This test procedure provides manufacturers with a method of quickly testing the performance of doors.