Sun Door and Trim, Inc. is committed to safety in the workplace.

The Sun Door and Trim safety program trains and equips all employees in proper conduct and adherence to national safety standards.

All employees begin their careers at Sun Door mastering an OSHA certified comprehensive safety training program covering Accident Prevention, Fall Protection, and Hazardous Chemical Communications. In Addition, all Sun Door employees maintain a CPR/AED certification.

Sun Door and Trim team members participate in weekly "Toolbox Safety" meetings. All Sun Door safety records and documentation are maintained at Sun Door and Trim's headquarters in accordance with OSHA's standards.

Some projects have unique safety requirements that are met with exacting standards and expectations.

Sun Door field personnel maintain Safety Certification cards which identify all areas of safety training that have been individually certified, including the corresponding expiration date of certification. The Sun Door Safety Card also contains contact information for Sun Door and Trim's Safety Director and Competent Field Person.

Since inception, Sun Door and Trim's safety ratings continue to exceed the industry standards and averages, workers' compensation insurance ratings continue to out perform the industry.